Gold Angels – AK Legacy

AK Legacy established on 2019, by me and my husband incorporated in Kulim Kedah, Malaysia 09600.

Gold Angels is the name of my team. Come and join us! You are pleased to be in my team and grow together.

The business objective of AK Legacy is to provide only the best products to women all over the world. AK Legacy become Certified Agent (Tokyo Angels) of  Zaineeta Global PLT and together we markets Japan made skincare, Tokyo Organic, which based on natural and organic skincare line. The approach is not only to give women beautiful and healthy skin, we are also striving to provide only the best and natural made ingredients in all our skincare range. Tokyo Organic is not only safe, it is also effective high quality skincare products that keep the skin healthy.

Tokyo Organic is synonymous with truth, beauty and wellness and is making a name for itself within one of the highest genres of skin care . Our focus is to use ORGANIC and NATURAL based ingredients with NO PARABENS, SYNTHETIC COLORING or HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS of any kind. I’m proud to offer this labor of love to you, and I hope you will enjoy Tokyo Organic as much as I do.

Zaineeta Global PLT is also an Official Distributor of Meiko Cosmetics Japan since 2018. We only supply high quality, authentic Japan made Meiko Cosmetics.

To your health, beauty and wellness,